Thank you!

Thanks for signing the Save Our Rural Schools open letter.

By working together we can make a real difference.

If you can, please do one or more of the things below …

We don’t have a massive campaign budget, so this will really help.

1. Tell more people

You can use the links below to tell people about the campaign on social media.

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2. Write to more politicians

The more local politicians who know about this campaign the better.

You have an MP, a constituency MSP, 6 regional MSPs, and local councillors who represent you.

The website at makes it easy to send them an email telling them to back our campaign.

It’s a general election year – so now is a good time!

3. Send us any replies

When you get a reply to the emails you’ve sent about this campaign, please email them to:

It really helps understand the impact of our campaign if we can see the responses officials are sending people.